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At O2 Wellness Center, we focus on the root of the problem. Our approach is solely based on recovering the body’s “ecosystem” so that it can re-balance itself. Stress is the main cause of illness or disease.

Innovative inventions such as Xrays, CT-scans, DNA sequencing, these revolutionary advancements throughout history have shifted and challenged the new understandings of the body, its functions and improvements on the cellular level in the field of science and medicine. They become a reality, when composed of a logical and scientific-based mindset with healthy organic results of “thinking outside the box” striving for perfection. The goal in mind to transform our ability to recover, rebuild and improve our longevity has become an obsession. Changing the way we think about our health and recovery is no longer solely based on exercise and diet choices. It is based on the tools assessing accordingly including the mindset allowing the change in healing, empowering the optimal physical and psychological condition in a natural non-invasive way.

Heart disease, obesity and diabetes are in the mainstream of growing, accepting them as lifestyle. As we slowly adapt to a new healthy environment, by changing factors such as physical ability to recover, improving circulation, oxygen flow, hydrogen flow, diet, nutritional absorption, sleep patterns, stress (good and bad), interactions, acceptance, personal growth, we change the memory of our environment. By changing the environment and perception of information around us, we promote vitality, longevity and wellness.

It is crucial to combine different modalities including holistic as the body needs both and assessing accordingly the needs and wants to optimize long term results. Blood circulation, delivery of oxygen and hydrogen for cellular nutrient absorption and stress, is mainstream phenomena where we have only scratched a surface when it comes to successful rapid healing.

We offer non-invasive latest disruptive technologies, backed up by science combined with manual therapies at O2 Wellness Center successfully. The story of O2 Wellness Center, combining different modalities transitioning further into “New Age Medicine” is filled with happy, healthy families and interventions at its best. The ability to increase circulation, oxygen, hydrogen and mobility between the body systems is wellness. Years of research and studies, constant challenges between desire and feasibility, we have combined therapies and continue to create successful stories within communities.

We create individual treatment plans, combining historical data and new comprehensive assessments and treatments successfully. Reconnecting the lymphatic, cardiovascular, visceral, respiratory, digestive, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, urinary and reproductive systems is vitality.

Every organ dialogues through a pulse and movement. Assessing individually and accurately gives us a blueprint to an effective treatment plan and therapy combination that works for you.

Skin is the biggest organ, many use topical aliments for dryness, visible dehydration but do not ask the right questions. If an allopathic approach is effective at the moment, we will work in line with it and address the root of the problem because we will have a root understanding of where everything started. We use different therapies to achieve balance and educate the patients.

O2 Wellness represents the future of personalized medicine. Assessing and treating on the cellular level, studying healthy environment and comparing to studies of disease, has opened many doors and possibilities to longevity and vitality. We specialize in integrating the most modern and effective conventional care with the latest in advanced research-based natural and alternative treatment options. O2 Wellness has established this unique, complex, and necessary infrastructure to foster unparalleled healing potential for our patients through many years of hard work and research.


  • This is the place to go to receive the best care we all so deserve. I was highly impressed by the quality of service and attention that I received. I was treated with great skills by Ines and will keep returning as I feel alive again. I wait to see just how much better I’m going to get. I would not hesitate to recommend O2 Wellness Center to whoever is looking for a place where they will find a great staff, a fantastic service and a life changing experience towards a new you.

    Osteopathic Manual Practitioner New York


    Customer since Mar 2020

  • I am very impressed with the expertise and care I have received. Ines demonstrated an intuitive ability to understand and demonstrate the proper care. Highly recommend Quantum.

    Osteopathic Manual Practitioner New York

    Satisfied client

    Customer since Feb 2020

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